Business Development

Managing a business is difficult. Business managers have a great deal of responsibility ranging from day-to-day operations to ensuring that future goals are met. PerfectWay business development will help you to go deeper, more detailed objective view of how your business can success at the ever-changing world of technology.

We can assist your business collect and store historical data in databases. We can also build business and productivity enhancement solutions are PerfectWay main areas of expertise. We've been helping businesses for years and we've learned many things that can give you an advantage.

Some of the business development services PerfectWay provides are:

Creating Databases to store and retrive data
Data Analysis and Reporting from existing systems
Custom Designed Programs

We have expert level facility in the following languages:

- Visual Basic (VB)
- Delphi
- mySQL
- PostgreSQL
- SQLServer

Looking over the many projects we have managed, we can trace our success to the application of these five principles:

* Listen carefully and thoroughly understand the whole problem. Then make the plan.
* Fashion solutions cleverly so they can be adapted and re-used.
* Understand that the software development is here to serve the business.
* Don't rush into the newest technology: make sure a solution is well-tested before you risk it on a client.
* Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Application Outsourcing

Managing and maintaining both new and legacy applications to help you capitalize on business and technology opportunities.

Enterprise Solutions

Delivering global ERP solutions which including evaluation and selection, implementation and upgrades to enhancing extensions like HRM and CRM.

Integrated Solutions